Good results call for good locations. Avoid unhappy compromises by including sure and filmable locations in early scriptwriting and storyboard stages. Doing so saves time, money and stress.

For every verified, filmable location you will be given a Datenblatt and detailed photos on an online gallery with password-protected login and download options. Alternatively, we can also send photos via email, CD or as prints. We also produce videos upon request.


Location Networx’s strength lies in its collective know-how, archived in one of Germany’s most efficient location databases. Comprising several thousand locations, our archive is equipped with direct image accessibility, enabling us to research total stock quickly and thoroughly. (See here for further details).

Location Scouting

In addition to database research, scouts can be called into action whenever further searching is required. Location Networx scouts are full-time professionals with experience in film, advertising, photographic and event sectors – they are not trainees or temp workers. Naturally, our work also involves tactful pre-negotiation of conditions with property managers.

Owing to our excellent network structure we are also adept at supervising large projects with a well-coordinated team of scouts. We are experienced at working throughout Germany and neighbouring countries.

Location Research

We willingly undertake research work for all kinds of films, from docudramas to historic features. We research places, people, buildings, historical facts and contexts pertaining to the given script.