Hilde (2008)

Production: Egoli Tossell Film | Director: Kai Wessel
Production design: Thomas Freudenthal

A biography of Hildegard Knef, one of Germany's biggest post-war stars. Hildegard Knef (1925–2002) was many things – Broadway star, songstress, screen diva, international icon and bestselling author. In this compelling biography Heike Makatsch gives a knockout performance as Knef, who walked out of the rubble of post-war Berlin and embarked on a career so amazing it could only be true. Infamous for appearing in the first nude scene in German cinema (in "Die Sünderin", 1951) and called 'the best singer without a voice' by Ella Fitzgerald, Knef's adventures in Hollywood, on Broadway and back home in her beloved Germany is the stuff of showbiz legend.

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