Rabbit Without Ears 2 (2009)

Production: Barefoot Films | Director: Til Schweiger
Production design: Christian Schäfer

It's two years later, and geeky, bespectacled Anna Gotzlowski (Tschirner), who works at a kids' day-care center, and hunky ladies' man Ludo Decker (Schweiger) are now living together. Early scenes have some fun with traditional male-female miscommunication as Anna nags born bachelor Ludo, but when he starts chatting with a horny, double-D ex (Edita Malovcic) at a disco, flat-chested Anna goes postal. After an uneasy truce, Anna invites an old friend, Ralph (Ken Duken), to stay for a couple of days, and Ludo is thrown for a loop when he happens upon Anna's sex diary, which gives Ralph 10 out of 10 for, uh, size and performance. His manhood wounded, Ludo resorts to extraordinary measures that only make things worse as the misunderstandings mount.

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